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I want to make souvenirs cool and interesting again.

As a local driven design studio. Joost sees Utrecht as his playground full of inspiration. After studying in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Australia, born and raised in Utrecht - Joost found out this is the base from where he works best. His designs often have something to do with his direct surroundings. His style is clean & simple. He’s inspired by the Scandinavian design school. By connecting to local production ateliers around Utrecht he hopes to contribute to the local industry. He thinks local made has a bright future.


’Function follows form’


The simplicity of the Dom vase comes from a similar project of Joost‘s called Sandmarks, with this children’s toy you can build your own Domtower in the sandpit. This shape had to be able to mould the sand without it collapsing, this meant a very simple shape. That’s where the Dom vase shape came from. In design terms we would say that, when it became a vase ‘the function followed the form’. A design approach that really fits the vision of Studio Joost Gijzel.


3D printing technique


Joost makes his moulds by using the latest techniques like 3D printing and laser engraving. This way he can create exciting shapes and he doesn’t have to do concessions to the designs. That makes it possible to create almost every shape you can think of and make it into a product, a lovely thought for a designer. It also means many more towers from other cities are about to follow, he actually can’t wait to start working on them : )

2023-02-13 Joost Gijzel (highres) -2.jpg


Joost Gijzel

Creative Entrepreneurship for me is all about taking initiatives and connecting with people for cool collaborations.

2021-06-07 Contentshoot Joost Gijzel  (highres) -29.jpg
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